Hi! I'm Pablo from Buenos Aires, Argentina.I'm a fullstack developer and project manager, experienced in web/mobile development and payment systems.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg. I've work in many different companies doing many different things. Just to name some of them: I've co-created a web platform with more than 5M monthly views, designed the digital marketing for my e-commerce, and even written data types in COBOL for the biggest bank in Colombia.

My motto: If I don't know how to do it, it's just gonna take a little longer.


Let's go over my work...


Sr FullStack Web Dev

May 2022 - June 2023

React & NodeJS | TypeScript

Architecht, developer and consultant for WyeWorks clients.

Main projects
  • ClearSession platform

Sr FullStack Web Dev

Aug 2020 - Nov 2021

React Native, React & NodeJS | JavaScript & TypeScript

Design, development and maintenance of Wibson products.

Main projects
  • Wibson Privacy Platform -
  • Wibson App (deprecated)
First Data

Sr BASE24 System Analyst

Aug 2014 - Nov 2018

BASE24 Classic - First Vision Platform | TACL, TAL & COBOL

e2e solution cycle (design, develop, test, certificate, deploy and monitor), client contact point and platform project leader for Colombia.

Main projects
  • TUYA credit portfolio migration as Project Leader
  • Bancolombia prepaid as Project Leader
  • Bancolombia credit portfolio migration as System Analyst

IT Analyst

Sep 2012 - Dec 2013

Ubuntu Server, Windows Server, Networking & Telecommunications

Level I and II IT support, VM management and networking.

Main projects
  • Desktop system installation standardization


But my experience working for companies is only half of the story. I've also tried a couple of things on my own...

Digital Shores |

Digital Marketing

Nov 2021 - Present


Web design, online marketing and strategy for self-employed people and entrepreneurs.

Biomedic Engineering Institute | FIUBA

RasPi/Arduino Developer

Jun 2015 - Jul 2016


RaspberryPi and Arduino system development to assist people with motion disabilities.

Milonga del Bichito

Tango Club

Mar 2014 - Mar 2015


The only non tech related item on my list, but definitely worth mentioning. If you need to organize a weekly event for 100+ people with live music, dance shows, food and drinks, I've got you covered.

Abandon PC Store

PCs and Hardware e-commerce

Feb 2010 - May 2012


Specialized in providing high performance computers and tech advice, it was focused on the gamer community in rural areas and small cities. Management included digital marketing, logistics, computer assembly and setup.


This was a tricky one. I don't believe there's an useful way to quantisize knowledge. So instead I thought about how comfortable I feel using these languages/techs/methologies. Of course, I've just included what I considered relevant, so if not listed just ask!

I'm very confortable with...

A skill that I've used constantly during a long period of time.

Spanish, English, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Tal, Tacl, Linux, React, React Native, NodeJS, LevelDB, Amazon DynamoDB, ACI BASE24 Classic, Visa VTS Simulator, Mastercard BNET Simulator, Simpp Simulator, TailwindCSS, NextJS, i18next, expressjs, react-router, redux, redux-saga, swagger-jsdoc, Scrum, Waterfall.

I'm confortable with...

A skill that I've used a lot, but not recently or with enough depth

Python, COBOL, C++, Bash Scripting, Django, Docker, Amazon AWS, Amazon SES (Simple Email Service), Amazon Cognito, Google Oauth, Stripe, Travis CI, Google Firebase, Mixpanel, Enscribe DB, ACI TSS, puppeteer, react-navigation, aws-amplify, jest.

I've used...

A skill that I've used at some point for a short period of time.

Italian, Ruby, R, Java, TDD (Test Driven Development).


Here you will find some products and code samples I've worked in. Check them out or write me to have access to the GitHub repos (when available).


Facultad de Ingeniería | UBA

Computer Engineering

2009 - 2016


Ciclo Básico Común

Engineering Entry Year



Baccalaureate in Exact & Natural Sciences

2005 - 2008

FUCE Foundation

Computer & Network Assembly, Maintenance and Repair


A photo of me taken at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi rooftop in Venice, Italy

About me

I describe myself as a developer and project manager, but fundamentally, I consider myself a problem-solver. I'm always eager to learn new skills and try a different approach. My career path has led me through big multinational companies, little startups and my own ventures, giving me the ability to adapt quickly to new roles and responsibilities. I appreciate the challenges and perks that each working environment brought with it. Through these diverse experiences, I've had the pleasure of being part of fantastic technical teams, both big and small, where collaboration and being a team player was always a key part. I believe that technology can play a big part in social transformation, improving the life quality of people all around the world. Therefor, I advocate for free software, accessibility and sustainability. Less, but better. Currently, I'm diving into two different areas: Rust, for its applications in low level software, and website accessibility, to make the internet a better place.